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We are digital recruitment agency based in Estonia. Our expertise lies in pinpointing the right employees, professionals and executives that embody your company's needs and goals, fostering your business's accelerated growth.

Why Level Up?

Attract & Hire The Best Talent

Hire Fast

Our recruitment software performs multi-channel candidate identification. We find talent that hardly anyone else sees — faster than a human ever could.

Hire Risk-Free

Real-Time Multi-Channel Search: Our methodology ensures immediate and comprehensive searches across various platforms.

Hire Transparent

Broadened Candidate Reach: Thanks to our extensive network and expanding database, we offer a significantly enhanced pool of potential candidates.

Hire With a Guarantee

We champion lasting relationships with our team, partners, and their staff, guaranteeing sustainable staffing solutions that extend beyond the initial hiring.

How Do We Differentiate?

Creative Process

Definition of the ideal profile

We conduct a realistic assessment of the success of the placement, collaboratively defining the ideal profile for the role.

Creating a roadmap to your sustainable hiring success

Our team will set up a practical talent acquisition strategy. We give an accurate insight into your organization and the role that needs to be filled.

Individual approach via different channels

Leveraging tailored strategies, we engage with potential candidates in a manner that resonates best with them. Acting as your personal brand emissary, we convey the essence of your employer brand to the market with authenticity and integrity.

Insights From Your Recruitment Data

This efficient approach not only saves time and resources but also boasts impressive results, with one in every seven candidates landing a job offer.

Running the weekly talent acquisition processes for you

Leveraging our proprietary recruitment software, we can pinpoint candidates across various platforms they frequent. This technology uncovers hidden talent, outpacing traditional human capabilities by identifying potential recruits that may go unnoticed by others.

Going the extra mile

We place great emphasis on nurturing enduring relationships, encompassing our team, our partners, and their workforce. To this end, we take measures to uphold the sustainability of our staffing solutions, extending our guarantees beyond the hiring stage to ensure continuity and stability.

Kristian Eding

A fervent explorer of the digital realm, Kriss is passionate about all things digital marketing. With a knack for blending creativity with analytics, Kriss constantly navigates the ever-changing tides of social media, and recruitment marketing.  Forever in pursuit of the next big digital trend, Kristian embodies the true spirit of a digital marketing enthusiast.


Maia Vahtramäe

Meet Maia, a Project Manager with an exceptional knack for people-centric leadership. Maia excels in fostering strong relationships and creating an environment that promotes collaboration and synergy. A natural people person, Maia consistently brings out the best in their team, driving projects to success through genuine connection and mutual respect.


Dream Team

Our recruitment and marketing team consists of enthusiastic and motivated young people, with broad knowledge, extensive experience, and a passion for their work. Thanks to this team, we can provide comprehensive advice and support to our clients, serving as a trustworthy recruitment partner.


Digital Recruitment Agency

See what our customers say

Hundreds of managers have relied on level up to uncover talent and foster team growth.

“A very pleasant team with flying ideas. The cooperation with the level up team went very smoothly and the expected result within the framework of a large recruitment campaign was quickly achieved!”

Janne Lõhmus-Oselein

– Stockmann

“With the help of the level up recruitment campaign, we were quickly able to target our value proposition to the desired target audience and thereby attract the best talent.”

Kadri Avloi

– Studioworks

“We had reached a desperate situation with trying to recruit seasonal workers and realised we need a new approach. So we decided to try Level up’s solution. And it worked! Shortly after launching the campaign applications started coming in and most importantly, we reached the right audience.”

Kati Annok

– A. Le Coq

“We did a bigger recruitment campaing in Selver for the first time and chose Level up as our partner. We were very satisfied with the cooperation. Communication was pleasant and proficient, our feedback was handled quickly and most importantly, we got the number of candidates that was promised. For the summer period we had more interest than we could hire. We are considering working with Level up again in the future.”

Kristi Aasa

– Selver

“Collaboration with Level up has been very positive and pleasant! Thanks to the recruitment campaign in social media, which was well-thought-out, we managed to reach the right audience in a short time. We got quality contacts and filled our open positions quickly. Our feedback was well-recieved with constructive solutions.”

Aljona Mändlo

– Skechers

"A successful recruitment process includes differentiating oneself from the crowd and catching the attention of potential candidates by using gamification. Level up offers high quality, novel solutions for Estonian recruiting to bring a fresh perspective to this market."

Helo Tamme

– Eesti HR Selts

“We were able to target our value proposition to the desired target audience and thereby attract the best talent.”

Merlin Tõnis

– Prisma

“Thanks to Level up we got quality leads and filled our open positions quickly.”

Greete Tomson

– Krausberg

"Kris and his team have been wonderful to work with! Their innovative approach, reliability, and professionalism is commendable, and their results speak for themselves!"

T. Schoepf


Why Level Up?

We're Ready to Share Our Advice & Experience


1. Qualified candidates only
2. Broad guarantee
3. Candidate experience
4. First candidates in 14 days

Employer Branding

1. Employer brand analysis
2. Branding strategy
3. Monthly marketing actions
4. Data and insights

Mass Hiring

1. All info in one place
2. Valuable KPI analysis
3. Broad guarantee
4. First candidates in 14 days

We are on the mission to make hiring easy for You...

Immerse in the efficiency of our 'Digital Executive Search Process' – where the nimbleness of a tech start-up pairs harmoniously with the high standards of traditional executive search. Uncover the pathway to landing your perfect executive match with our succinct six-step method.

Our Mission

Leveraging the power of AI and data analytics, level up guarantees premium executive search services, leading to an optimal fit between businesses and talent.

Our Vision

By seamlessly aligning people and businesses, we are pioneering the future of digital talent acquisition.

Our Team

We are enthusiastic digital enthusiasts, driven by our innate ambition, wholly dedicated to the concept of the 'perfect match', and embody a 'high-performer' mentality. Our team devotes every available moment to advancing the future of digital recruitment, providing unwavering support to our clients on every project!

Our Process

We drive recruitment andsourcing innovation by challenging the status quo with radical and crazy ideas. Simple Six-Step Journey to Your Ideal Candidate

Frequently asked questions

Our pricing model is derived from our data and calculated on a project basis, not tied to the success rate, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional hiring agency services. The cost is dependent on the complexity of the role and the number of candidates you aim to hire. Importantly, the price of the recruitment project is independent of the hired candidate's salary.

An initial invoice for 50% is issued at the commencement of the project. The remaining 50% is invoiced once the candidates have officially applied to be signed the contract.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and wide-ranging recruitment capabilities. Regardless of the role you're looking to fill, be it a specific industry niche or a high-level executive position, we have the expertise to find the right talent. No matter the location or timeline, we are committed to meeting your recruitment needs, ensuring we find the ideal candidate whenever and wherever you require.

In the event that a hired candidate departs or is not the right fit, we take immediate action. Our team promptly revisits the recruitment strategy and intensively works to identify new, suitable candidates for your consideration. Our commitment is to long-term cooperation, as we strive to serve not just as a recruitment agency, but as strategic recruitment partners for our clients. We're dedicated to ensuring that your staffing needs are met effectively and efficiently, no matter the circumstances.

By opting for a different pricing strategy, we can potentially offer more cost-effective solutions for our clients. This approach allows us to provide high-quality recruitment services at a lower cost, ultimately leading to greater savings for our customers.

In truth, such a scenario rarely arises when our process is followed accurately. The only conceivable situation where a candidate isn't found is due to a mismatch between demand and supply. This typically indicates that the desired candidate profile exceeds the proposed salary range or the employer brand's appeal.

We always maintain transparency with you and provide realistic expectations. Market fluctuations can also impact the hiring process. However, if you're open to adapting to the market realities and aligning with what's practically achievable for your situation, we're confident in our ability to help you secure a valuable employee.

Let's see if we are a good fit.

In the recruitment sphere, you don't need another jargon-spouting consultant. What you require is a growth partner, prepared to dive in headfirst and address your hiring challenges. To level up your hiring process, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always here and ready to assist!

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